Dirty Carpet: A Health Hazard for Your House and Health

Carpeting is a great way to improve indoor air, and can even help with health articles. Carpet is more that just a nice soft floor covering. As the largest air-filter in your home it holds dirt, allergens (including bacteria), pollens and chemicals.

Dr. Michael Berry, Ph. D. was the former Director of the EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office. Berry says in his book Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning Carpets for Health that the problem of dirty carpets is the cause of many indoor cleaning difficulties. The solution to this issue can be found through the proper upkeep and restoration. He likened carpets to sinks that gather pollutants indoors and outdoors. As the sink fills up (and as carpets become polluted), they store more dust, dirt and contaminants. If the sink becomes overflowing, it must be empty. The need for carpet cleaning cannot be overstated.

There’s a lot of hype that the air indoors is much more polluted. Well, it’s true. This is because air trapped inside the house is the main cause. Rarely, is the air completely replaced. It is not replaced completely. Instead, it gets blown outside and new air that’s cleaner replaces the old. Indoor air trapped in your carpet is contaminated. As you enter, they become lodged into your carpet. As soon as someone walks on top of them, dust is respread into the air. Your family and you breathe it in. When you observe the amount of dust in sunlight streams, you can see this. Because you inhale the air constantly, the indoor air can be more polluted.

Berry says that when a carpet’s not properly cleaned, it becomes a breeding site for biopollutants. Be sure to empty your sink regularly, and clean the carpets thoroughly. The carpets of most homes are usually cleaned because the look dirty. In reality, they probably need to be thoroughly cleaned by then. A good vacuuming job is essential. The most expensive vacuum only takes 15% of the soil. What’s left is a bacterial, allergen, and pollutant-filled mess. Berry says most people do not clean their carpets for their own health. But cleaning the carpet regularly can improve indoor air in your house or office.

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