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The Market Price of the Latest Cryptocurrency News is Influenced by 7 Factors

There are factors that will affect the price of cryptocurrency. As you gain more knowledge of the Coinpaper market, you can make better buying decisions. You should consider the following factors before purchasing any cryptocurrency. They will have a direct impact on the price, both positively and negatively.

Many of these influences are interconnected, so that the price of a crypto can be manipulated in multiple ways.


News is the most important factor that influences cryptocurrency value, just as both positive and negative stock market news can have an impact. News of all the factors listed above will have a direct impact on the price of a crypto in both directions.


Exchanges are trusted by people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This trust is a big deal. Hackers who want to make a quick buck are attracted by non-secure exchanges. They remind them of old bank robberies from the 1800s.

The value of cryptocurrency will be directly affected by any exchange hacks, security issues, or the closure of an exchange. It only takes a simple mistake in javascript for hackers to gain access to millions of bitcoins.

Mutual Influence

Although cryptocurrencies may seem to be unrelated, their mutual influence can have a significant impact on multiple currencies.


Several cryptocurrencies are currently dependent on Bitcoin as an exchange platform, but this will not be true in the future. There are newer and faster cryptocurrencies that have been developed to address some of the problems that the first generation coins did not anticipate. As new technology comes out to address the stress points which have been restraining network growth, this type of competition could eventually render older coins useless. Ethereum is an infinitely-scalable cryptocurrency which will eventually address the shortcomings of bitcoin.

Adoption rates

The widespread adoption of cryptocurrency has been a major positive factor in the value of the currency.

It is a good thing for those who hold cryptocurrencies when major retailers support them. This also helps to increase interest in the currency and its digital form.

Fear issue

Never discount your concerns when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency. The success of Bitcoin and the huge sums some people have earned by buying low and selling high has created tension in the marketplace.