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Managed Network Services Are the Right Choice for Your Business

Managed service is quickly becoming an alternative for the management of MPLS. By using managed services, your company can delegate some or even all of its network management to another provider. The most popular tasks to be outsourced include intranet/internet hosting, data-storage, business continuity and catastrophe recovery, manage VPN, managed business phone, and managed website security.

Managed Network Services Offers Many Benefits
If you switch to managed service, your overall network cost can be dramatically reduced. META Group’s research suggests that you may be able to save up to 65 % on your network costs if you switch from MPLS to managed.

Managed services work well for large companies and smaller businesses who do not possess sufficient IT staff. Managed services can help you solve the staffing issue that is negatively impacting your network’s operations if you are not staffed with a dedicated IT person. Your current IT department can be focused on important network problems instead of mundane tasks.

In addition to the substantial savings that can be made on staff costs by outsourcing, there can also significant cost-savings in other areas, like equipment, recruiting, training, and costs.

Managed Network Services have their disadvantages
In the same way as with any significant change, it is important to keep an open mind about potential pitfalls when out-tasking your network services. The network isn’t a service where one size fits all. In order to make the right choice, every provider should take the time and effort to thoroughly examine your company’s needs. Make sure you discuss the following: reliability, accessibility, maintenance and guaranteed uptime. A service agreement will be drawn up by most providers that will define the parameters of Quality of Service. Make sure the network service proposals align with and help you achieve your business goals.

Some business managers are afraid of losing control by outsourcing network management services. There are many options for managed networks. You are able to select services that suit your preferences and meet your business needs. This is easy to do, if, for example you would like your own in-house staff to take care of some services, while the managed networks provider takes care of others.

The security of networks is another issue. What happens to your information if it falls into the wrong hands? In the case of HIPAA or other consumer privacy legislation, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s the law. So, you must expect your provider’s security to be exceptional. As network security has become a necessity and is often required by law, many organisations actively search for managed service providers with compliance and security expertise.